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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

still want it!!!


it's been few months i dreamt of an ngage classic and last night i had the same dream again..

i've been searching for a good ngage months ago..

and i always think 'bout it even if i am in my class..

don't know what to do now..

hope i'll get it one day..

my MUET result would come out this Thursday..

i wish that i could get band 4 at least..

so that i wouldn't have to re-seat it..

Saturday, 3 January 2009

new year, new sem, new hope

hopefully this new year will bring much progress in my life..starting with my study and also with my surrounding..i don't want all the things happened in the past be my obstacles..nothing much to write..just want to wish good luck to all of you out there..may your life be blessed..


SORRY!!!i didn't mean to make hurt your acer..really hope you could forgive me..pleasee..