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Monday, 28 September 2009


i luv this raye!!!..all family members gathered at my house..making noise n went raya together with two new family members;k.yana n isya..:p i got a new scar on my right arm, being too focused while i was ironing my clothes and that's what i got. quite a big scar and quite painful..despite of that,the whole one week was like heaven to me eventhough the month of ramadhan really mace my life terrible..many things that i didn't hope happen especially two days before raya on my way back to terengganu..that's the saddest moment in my life i guess n i really really hope it's not gonna happen to me again..i'll always remember what u've told me "treat my lyke others"..yes!!i'll treat u like others..don i usually said "it's just only a matter of time.."everyone is same..only friendss..

the end of raya month left for this sem before the long break..can't wait for that!!haha..sadly yesterday, i went to pkns alone to buy a new charger for my ngage..that's not sad..this is sad:instead of buying it, the man at the shop told me that the charging port was unusable and that's why my phone can't be recharged..i was very sad and realized how i loved the, i called haziq n asked him where should i repair it and the answer was at Plaza Alam Sentral (pas)..ignoring the rain, i quickly ran towards the pas hoping it would get repaired..there went RM70 as the cost to repair it..then, i went my room, i realized the speaker was not my phone will be on silent mode for now..huhu..well, i guess those are the signs that i might buy new phone..g900 maybe..huhu..don't know yet..

p/s:Happy birthday to nuaryoung!!may u will be young always..huhu..

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


this w902 that had stolen my heart..huhuhu..but still it's too expensive n i'm not gonna buy it for this time..maybe in another two or three months..







p/s:may god bless us all for what we have done in our life..

2 days to go!!!!

this is d pic that i used for my nagage's wallpaper..i really miss her n also my other nephews n heart's like going to explode when i think of one knows how much i love those kids..even if they're very naughty n always make me angry..huu...

my only hope after this raya that i can a new me n people could accept me the way i am..bcoz maybe there's people that can't accept the way i am life stuck here without progress is bcoz of u..i need motivation so that i can accept the fact that we are in different life now even if we are at the same place now..

i wear my ring again..only when i feel lonely and need someone to support me..i thought that i could stop wearing d ring last year when i knew u..but i can' i don't know when will take off the ring..just let the time decides it..

i don't want to b too close to any people coz i'm scared that the same thing might happen again n i don't hav the courage to face more games for me please..just wanna b a person with my own world..sorry if after this, i would hurt people's too tired to take care of others' n no one cares bout me..but believe me it's not my attention to hurt "your" feelings..mayb no more terms like "b...friends" and g..dfriends in my life for certain people that i knew..

p/s:i need someone to guide me now..