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Thursday, 25 September 2008

big relief!!

just counting the day to go home now..assigments are all done..but still need to do the cleaning in my room..just want to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN!!!to all my siblings don't forget to give me 'duit raya'..hehehe...

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

locked in own room???!!!!!!

what the heck??pity me..huhuhu...last night i finished doing my homework in the computer lab i got stuck in one of my friend's room for 10 minutes i guess...that's the funniest thing in my life..i was in the room with the owner of the room and all of our friends outside tried their best to save's like we've been kidnapped and waiting for someone to save us..luckily, with all the effort, we finally got out from the room with a grateful face..i can't imagine if we'd to stay in that room for a just like prisoners....but guess what??only a few seconds after that we're locked in the room again but that's the three of us now..then again we had to call our friend to save us..
urmmm.....although this week is quite buzy for me but i take it as the happiest week ever in my life since i'm a u student..too much happy things happened and i just can't explain it words...
first, i get to see my friend smiles again after she had problems with her's very hard to see she smiled for the past few days.. she only smiles again starting from yesterday perhaps..i didn't remember because that's not important anymore..huhuhu..i can't bear to see her sulky face anymore because she's one of my bestfriend here..i wish if we could mantain to be bestfriend like this forever..i really wish that to happen..
second, i've finished my term paper!!!MERDEKA!!!! i'm counting the day for me to go back to my home..i really miss my family..saddest thing is i only have four days to break fast with my beloved family..

Thursday, 18 September 2008


well..i just got another assignment for my college study skills which the line is one week before 29/10/08..meaning??i can procrastinate that and concentrate more on my term paper..hehehe..
sadly my hari raya won't be fun as others as i have abundances of asslngments that need to be submitted right after raya..(this is the effect for practising procrastination..huhuhu)pity me huh?so if you don't want to be like me don't act like what i did.. sister wants to have a bowling challenge with me when i get home next week..i accept the challenge so that we could know whether she or me is more skillful in bowling..hehehe..can't wait for that..i'll post some of my memorable pictures during the fasting month sooner..


wow!there's only one more week left before hari raya comes..hehehe... really can't wait to go home but also one more week left before the line for my term paper..and still i didn't do anything about it..maybe only just 40% is done..
the best thing i've got my allowance but i still can't withdraw it..don't know what's wrong with my bankcard..however, the positive side is it will save my money from shopping non-important stuffs..huhuhu..
actually i want to tell that yesterday was the best day ever in my life since i've been in kuantan..because i had lots of things done with my classmates..we went out from 12 noon and got back at our campus right before 11p.m..wanna know what we did??for the rest of the day, we went for shopping at mega while i just had a window shopping since i can't withdraw any money from the ATM..
then, we break our fast at SARATHAI restaurant near the megamall..after we pray, we went for a bowling was my 1st time i played bowling and i really enjoyed it..but my scored wasn't good enough..well, it's okay since i'm a beginner player right?
after that we went to the east coast mall to have a window shopping..only after that, we went back to our campus..but still on our way to the campus we got to take many photos..that's sweet i think because that's the first time we got to spend time together excluding the time in our class..i hope we could spend more time together like that so that we will be closer and get to know each other better..

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

getting worst!!!!

oh god!what should i do???my life's gettin' miserable now...i try to be a happy go lucky person but then it turned me upside down...what do you think when your heart hurt by someone who is important in your life?it could be your loved ones, friends or anyone who's supposed to give you inspiration...suddenly, i remembered all my friends which simply say they are my life..i can't live without them..really can't!!that's why my life now is like a ship without it's captain..

the ring are my frindship rings with my clicks here..mine are the smallest and the one at the first i don't really know why i wear them but now i knew it..all the rings replaced all my beloved friends in the video i created in the name of kenangan terindah post..maybe i wouldn't wear any ring if i could find friends in which i can share everything with them..i'm waiting for it..
hmm...juz got a good news...i got good marks for computer literacy...that's the only thing can cheer me up...that's what i like so much...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


i was really tired with all d damn stuff i got to do this much s**t which can really make me went crazy...the drama my class presented to the audience on last friday is all about independence but myself still do not independent!!!i even did not know what's wrong with myself..
going to class is just make me bored this week..i don't know why but every single day passes with the same challenge at all...maybe that was what had made me bored in all those passing days..
i got an assignment for computer literacy that needed me to do it with a partner..the deadline is nextweek and i still procrastinating...actually it's not my intention to procrastinate but the situation i'm facing me had forced me to do is what i'm looking for so how could i procrastinate doing something that i love the most???maybe because of my bad mood for this month will ensure that i'll procrastinate each task i received...
as this is the fasting month i think that's of the reason why i'm procrastinating the tasks...some problem made myself become more miserable...assignments are the main problem..friends??some are okay and some aren't...myself???!!!yeah that's the cause of these problems...