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Friday, 5 November 2010

assignments review...

after lots of assignments, exams and conflicts are done..there is only one thing to enjoy..that is FREEDOM!!haha..did i tell that i need to do a multimedia interactive package (MIP) for our final group project and design my own magazine cover???i guess not since i got really busy with all those stuffs..hehe..however, now i will show you my magazine cover and and also few of screenshot from my MIP or should i just say a GAME??hehe but first i will tell you that our MIP is about designing an multimedia interactive package for our junior from semester one whom will be learning description of English using tree diagrams. this MIP is intended to help them in obtaining further understanding about English. this MIP project is for our e-language development course which the invention of the MIP requires much time..and finally we did it!!

this is my magazine business woman soon..hehe

well this is our main menu friend, lily who drew this picture and together we coloured it..nice isn't it??

this is the page where students can choose which one to learn first:liking verb or preposition...

this is the lesson page...

this is the exercise page..

last but not least is the special guest:Prince of Persia!!

p/s:thanks to everyone who have involved in these assignments including those who are accidently involved..thanks for helping..;)