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Friday, 21 August 2009


some pics of it

the top two


between those two phones which one is better??t707 n w980..i'm stuck with this thing for few days..

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

can't make right decision

between w980,t707,w508 n r306 which one is the most suitable wuth me??..i'm really confuse now..maybe w508 n r306 were not good choices but the other two were extremely hot..n i love both of d design except for t707, the inner design was not really pretty..dat's d problem with produces great mobile phones with great speaker sound but it also produces hp dat's not have d inner beauty..huhu..
so please people help me..the price was not far differs..

"nabil, motor tu!!!" eka screamed at me..
i was blurred at that time..really blurred n i wasn't sure with what happen..i was thinking of something and all d presentations that i got to do that evening..n also bout my fren who got fever..thinking that maybe something worst had happened to her because she didn't pick up her phone when i called..only when a motorcycle stopped with just only a few inches right in front of me then, i realized that actually i was nearly got hit by d motorcycle..but i still didn't feel anything like nervous or afraid because i can't think rationally at that time..maybe because i didn't have enough sleep n i felt a bit tired...

however, i did all my presentations in d evening..the first presentation was bout a poem by Emily is d poem:

I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too? Then, there’s a pair of us- don’t tell!
They’d advertise- you know!

How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell one’s name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

sometimes, i feel that the poem has got something to do with my life..huhu..luckily i feel that being the somebody must be terrible than being a nobody as they keep telling people the same least, i'm not telling people the same old thing again n again..

then, another presentation about health in d next class was being done by's bout cholesterol level in our first,i thought that was a lil' bit messy but after thinking bout it again, maybe i did it well. i don't frens said both of my presentations were good n dat's making me feel good..

which one??

help me to choose which one of the following phones..

Sunday, 16 August 2009

can't sleep again!!

haha..can't sleep tonight..tomorrow will b my first test of intro to language n linguistics...i don't really know what's gonna happen wit me this sem..really don't know how am i going to face all d problems n challenges dat will come later..i know what kind of probs are them but i can't do nothing to prevent it..syahid says juz face d, dats what i'm gonna do..i'll just face d music of my life..i'm stuck in d middle of two things..between my feelings n others'..which one should come first??i can't make people happy n at d same time i'll b happy too..there's always sacrifices...

to NUR ELLISYA MAISARAH SOHKDI N FAMILY...i miss u a lot..if only i could fly back even for just a minute..i will..just to take a look at you..n kiss u, give u the warmest hug i could possibly give..balqis don't be naughty ea..ur mama must be tired coz need to take care of u, ur two naughty bros, ur new sis n also ur a gud, nice sis eh..i'll b back one day before raya..balqis please help ur mama make raya cookies n change the curtains..huhu..when i get home i want to see it lor...

to Ifayoung, may u be happy wit ur new car..after this, i don't want u to be sad anymore..

to Inayoung, GUD LUCK for ur interview..nnti dpt keje don't forget to treat me NASI ARAB taw!!

to the head of Young's family n wife(umi n abah la) i miss u a lot..huhu..take gud care of urself k..

to Nuaryoung, slamat berbahgia ngan wife tersayang..can't wait to have nephew/niece from u guys..huhu

to Imyoung, pandai2 la idop kt s.alam..b patient..there's always good things waiting behind all the bad things's just a matter or realizing it..

p/s:it's like giving a speech for winning grammy award..huhu...besela lame x post..this week start pose..



Monday, 10 August 2009

newborn baby

haha..yesterday i got gud news from my mom telling that i've got another niece born on yesterday's morning..huhu..feel really excited..can't describe how hepi i am the issue is on the baby's name..wheather NUR ALLISYA MAISARAH or NUR ELLISYA MAISARAH..both are cun names babe!!

now i really can't wait to go home..wanna hug, kiss my new niece..wanna take really gud care of her..there gone all my probs for a while when i received the news..i wanna go home this weekend but umi doesn't allow me..she just asked to wait n come home till raya time..waaa it's very long time umi..terseksa jiwa ni..huhu