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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

my latest xtvt

went home for chinese new year..
1st night at home i knew that my friend betrayed me..
i'm so pissed off with her..
really HATEEE HER!!!!!!!
k..forget bout that lil' damn idiot in my life..
i have a good time with all my family members
but on 28/1 my dad sick..
effect of cigars during his youth time..
1/2 i came back to kuantan but still worried bout my dad's condition...

4/2 i hurtd myself bcoz of that backstabber..
so i need to get treatment in sg. isak(don't really knoe the spelling..huhuhu)
and from en.murad(staff of uitm)
but still it's not in good way
so, today i'm going to my hometown..
24 hours exactly..