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Monday, 26 October 2009


emm i'm going home nxt week!!!yeay!!my first sem is going to the end and it seems that everything is going to be on the right happy i am..i've got a place to stay for next sem n i'm satissfied with the house..kristal babe!!

just one thing..
i don't want to be bothered with any problem that will come into my life coz i know that there is always problems..

my final will start on 28/10-4/11/09..what a great time i'm going to have after that..spending time with family n friends..on 6/11 i'll be leaving for tgg coz i need to pack my stuffs n have a bit of fun with my friends here..huhu

i'm deadly serious about getting a new phone after this..just can't wait for the time to come..hope it'll be true..haha..

Monday, 28 September 2009


i luv this raye!!!..all family members gathered at my house..making noise n went raya together with two new family members;k.yana n isya..:p i got a new scar on my right arm, being too focused while i was ironing my clothes and that's what i got. quite a big scar and quite painful..despite of that,the whole one week was like heaven to me eventhough the month of ramadhan really mace my life terrible..many things that i didn't hope happen especially two days before raya on my way back to terengganu..that's the saddest moment in my life i guess n i really really hope it's not gonna happen to me again..i'll always remember what u've told me "treat my lyke others"..yes!!i'll treat u like others..don i usually said "it's just only a matter of time.."everyone is same..only friendss..

the end of raya month left for this sem before the long break..can't wait for that!!haha..sadly yesterday, i went to pkns alone to buy a new charger for my ngage..that's not sad..this is sad:instead of buying it, the man at the shop told me that the charging port was unusable and that's why my phone can't be recharged..i was very sad and realized how i loved the, i called haziq n asked him where should i repair it and the answer was at Plaza Alam Sentral (pas)..ignoring the rain, i quickly ran towards the pas hoping it would get repaired..there went RM70 as the cost to repair it..then, i went my room, i realized the speaker was not my phone will be on silent mode for now..huhu..well, i guess those are the signs that i might buy new phone..g900 maybe..huhu..don't know yet..

p/s:Happy birthday to nuaryoung!!may u will be young always..huhu..

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


this w902 that had stolen my heart..huhuhu..but still it's too expensive n i'm not gonna buy it for this time..maybe in another two or three months..







p/s:may god bless us all for what we have done in our life..

2 days to go!!!!

this is d pic that i used for my nagage's wallpaper..i really miss her n also my other nephews n heart's like going to explode when i think of one knows how much i love those kids..even if they're very naughty n always make me angry..huu...

my only hope after this raya that i can a new me n people could accept me the way i am..bcoz maybe there's people that can't accept the way i am life stuck here without progress is bcoz of u..i need motivation so that i can accept the fact that we are in different life now even if we are at the same place now..

i wear my ring again..only when i feel lonely and need someone to support me..i thought that i could stop wearing d ring last year when i knew u..but i can' i don't know when will take off the ring..just let the time decides it..

i don't want to b too close to any people coz i'm scared that the same thing might happen again n i don't hav the courage to face more games for me please..just wanna b a person with my own world..sorry if after this, i would hurt people's too tired to take care of others' n no one cares bout me..but believe me it's not my attention to hurt "your" feelings..mayb no more terms like "b...friends" and g..dfriends in my life for certain people that i knew..

p/s:i need someone to guide me now..

Friday, 21 August 2009


some pics of it

the top two


between those two phones which one is better??t707 n w980..i'm stuck with this thing for few days..

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

can't make right decision

between w980,t707,w508 n r306 which one is the most suitable wuth me??..i'm really confuse now..maybe w508 n r306 were not good choices but the other two were extremely hot..n i love both of d design except for t707, the inner design was not really pretty..dat's d problem with produces great mobile phones with great speaker sound but it also produces hp dat's not have d inner beauty..huhu..
so please people help me..the price was not far differs..

"nabil, motor tu!!!" eka screamed at me..
i was blurred at that time..really blurred n i wasn't sure with what happen..i was thinking of something and all d presentations that i got to do that evening..n also bout my fren who got fever..thinking that maybe something worst had happened to her because she didn't pick up her phone when i called..only when a motorcycle stopped with just only a few inches right in front of me then, i realized that actually i was nearly got hit by d motorcycle..but i still didn't feel anything like nervous or afraid because i can't think rationally at that time..maybe because i didn't have enough sleep n i felt a bit tired...

however, i did all my presentations in d evening..the first presentation was bout a poem by Emily is d poem:

I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too? Then, there’s a pair of us- don’t tell!
They’d advertise- you know!

How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell one’s name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

sometimes, i feel that the poem has got something to do with my life..huhu..luckily i feel that being the somebody must be terrible than being a nobody as they keep telling people the same least, i'm not telling people the same old thing again n again..

then, another presentation about health in d next class was being done by's bout cholesterol level in our first,i thought that was a lil' bit messy but after thinking bout it again, maybe i did it well. i don't frens said both of my presentations were good n dat's making me feel good..

which one??

help me to choose which one of the following phones..

Sunday, 16 August 2009

can't sleep again!!

haha..can't sleep tonight..tomorrow will b my first test of intro to language n linguistics...i don't really know what's gonna happen wit me this sem..really don't know how am i going to face all d problems n challenges dat will come later..i know what kind of probs are them but i can't do nothing to prevent it..syahid says juz face d, dats what i'm gonna do..i'll just face d music of my life..i'm stuck in d middle of two things..between my feelings n others'..which one should come first??i can't make people happy n at d same time i'll b happy too..there's always sacrifices...

to NUR ELLISYA MAISARAH SOHKDI N FAMILY...i miss u a lot..if only i could fly back even for just a minute..i will..just to take a look at you..n kiss u, give u the warmest hug i could possibly give..balqis don't be naughty ea..ur mama must be tired coz need to take care of u, ur two naughty bros, ur new sis n also ur a gud, nice sis eh..i'll b back one day before raya..balqis please help ur mama make raya cookies n change the curtains..huhu..when i get home i want to see it lor...

to Ifayoung, may u be happy wit ur new car..after this, i don't want u to be sad anymore..

to Inayoung, GUD LUCK for ur interview..nnti dpt keje don't forget to treat me NASI ARAB taw!!

to the head of Young's family n wife(umi n abah la) i miss u a lot..huhu..take gud care of urself k..

to Nuaryoung, slamat berbahgia ngan wife tersayang..can't wait to have nephew/niece from u guys..huhu

to Imyoung, pandai2 la idop kt s.alam..b patient..there's always good things waiting behind all the bad things's just a matter or realizing it..

p/s:it's like giving a speech for winning grammy award..huhu...besela lame x post..this week start pose..



Monday, 10 August 2009

newborn baby

haha..yesterday i got gud news from my mom telling that i've got another niece born on yesterday's morning..huhu..feel really excited..can't describe how hepi i am the issue is on the baby's name..wheather NUR ALLISYA MAISARAH or NUR ELLISYA MAISARAH..both are cun names babe!!

now i really can't wait to go home..wanna hug, kiss my new niece..wanna take really gud care of her..there gone all my probs for a while when i received the news..i wanna go home this weekend but umi doesn't allow me..she just asked to wait n come home till raya time..waaa it's very long time umi..terseksa jiwa ni..huhu

Thursday, 23 July 2009

last saturday, our faculty made an activity that was an induction induction programme with the seniors at Bukit Cerakah in Shah was a nice day..i got into group of 11 and most of us were from the same, there's nothing to be afraid of in the ice-breaking..we had lots of activities that we did together which were very exciting..we had poco-poco dance using "boom boom pow" song and we had explorace in the evening..then, we had a little 'sukaneka' and it was extremey enjoyabe even if all of us got to be thrown with flour by our seniors because we didn't give full commitment at the beginning of the day..the 12 hours programme was very interesting even if we're very tired..

ah-ha..i forgot to that our group's name was 'smilecrews' and our tagline was "say CHEESE!!"..n our motto was smile or die..well, by having this programme we got to know each other closer and we could see how was the team co-operate in competing the task..

Monday, 20 July 2009

can't sleep well...nightmares





which one of d above is the most important thing in having a relationship??doesn't matter in what kind of it in frenship, marriage or in couple's life??for me, i'll make it this way..especially in friendship



why must honesty is at the top?bcoz i can't sleep well if i know that there's someone who cheating on me!especially d one whom i loved..i've been experiencing it lately..i can't sleep well n if i got to sleep i'll have some kind of nightmares..doesn't matter y they cheat..but if they could cheat on me y are they cannot tell me d truth??i can accept truth even if it's hurt most but i can't accept lies even if they're nice to b heard...n now i really can't sleep bcoz i feel that there's someone who's lying to me..bout their, i never lied to them..i guessed..i don't know if what i am thinking now is true but i hope it's not..really hope it's not..coz i hate myself when i'm making bad assumptions n finally d assumptions turned out to b true bout someone or something..n there are time when my assumptions came true..some of my friends noticed it..usually, i don't tell anyone bout my assumptions except for one i just can't accept anymore lies from them..please tell d truth..i can accept truth even if it hurts me or urselves..just be honest please..coz i don't like hearing d truth from other people..i want to hear it from the person themselves..on their own..probably if a person tell lies is to hide their bad attitude bcoz they think people won't accept them anymore but that's other people..not me..s long s being honest with me i can accept urselves in a positive way of matter what have u told me before this..IT IS NEVER TOO's just a matter of telling d truth to others..please people out there..don't b afraid..please help me get a well-sleep..:p

Friday, 17 July 2009

we made it!!

hahaha...finally i got band 4 for muet...i checked it thru sms at 12 something in d early morning of monday but i never got, i slept n woke at 3 am n checked my inbox..i was surprised to see a message stating i got band 4 for muet..i didn't expect to get that as my speaking assessment was not as good as before..i cannot talk much bcoz of the point given was not really helping me..the question was "y people resume their studies n have a life-long learning?" or something like that n my point was that people resume their studies for making new friends..well, what d heck was am i gonna talk about??i never found someone who further their studies in purpose of making new, task A was quite tough for me as i had to give reasons to support my 2nd task i tried to argue with my friends to stand on my point but realizing my point was not strong enough n one of my fren's point was making sense so, i just disagree with my point and agree with her...and that's making our discussion end..

probably at after 7 am in the morning i texted my fren in maktab telling her bout muet..whether she wanted to check on her own or did she want me to check for she asked me to check for her n glad to hear, she made it too!!she said she's screaming in the car bcoz of overjoyed while she's on her way to register for maktab..hahaha..she must be really happy..n i'm overjoyed too..that's making that monday one of the happiest days in my life..there are also some of my friends who got band 4 n we're very happy..

now, should i continue my dream to be one of the people studying B.ed TESL???i'm intention of repeating muet was to get into b.ed tesl and have the satisfaction for myself but now, i'm not sure with what i should do in my degree programme..should i continue with pro communication or apply for b.ed tesl once again?..hope someone can help me with that..sometimes, i feel that pro communication is much better than tesl bcoz it has wider job opportunities but i don't know...i'm just confused..both r doing english in it's own way n i'm not sure which one is better..

Saturday, 11 July 2009

best wishes to all teachers to be!!!

tomorrow some of my frens will register at mktab..some are sure with their decision n some aren't..some of them who don't really want to go to mktab but they still go for it bcoz of secure job they'll have after joining mktab..i don't underestimate them bcoz sometimes, i feel regret for not applying for mktab but when i think back,after making judgement, i'm quite sure that i can still b a succsessful person in having a better job than teacher after graduating my dgree programme..i'm planning of something that can benefit me more..i don't wanna trap in the lifestyle for many people where they think their houses is one of the assets..
i'm thinking of something that can be made business..

i forgot that the reason i'm writing now is to wish all of my frens best of luck in maktab..we're in our own ways now..but i hope all of us can keep in touch k..just remember that no matter what we're doing for our future there will always ways for us to live with comfort..juz dare to fail in what you do n then there will b chances of success for us..dare to take the risk..

a week in s.alam

one week in's a very tiring, exhausted week in my life..huhu..well,before this my life routine was need to catch d bus, walking kilometres, there's no more laziness in life like i used to have in d past..well, maybe a little laziness won't be a problem..huhu..i'm taking japanese as my 3rd language..i have no choice bcoz mandarin class is already full..the lecturers n frens are nice..juz a matter of adaptation for i remember my former lecturer in kuatan used to say when i need to stay in b.sekilau while my classes were in pdg lalang..he said"it's a matter of just need to adapt..."now i know that's true..

although everything seems to be fine..i always think that how my life would be if all my frens in kuantan are here with me...i bet it wouldn't b d same and maybe i'm not gonna change..

u,thanx for d shirt, i never thought you'll buy it for me..i noticed that you were acting stranged when you wanted to buy it but i thought that was only my feeling..thanx once again..i really wanna wear it but not for now bcoz u know myself right..i'll wear it when the time comes..n i'll tell u when it is..

feel free to share ur joy n sadness..i'll always free to you my i used to tell you..u know my contact number so, juz text me i u have anything to say about anything that u want to say k?even if we're quite i'm listening to mr.maker..i keep listening to it like u used to listen to katy perry-thinking of u for hundred times a is a great song..the melody is superb!!

haha..back to my university i'm getting lots of assignments form all lecturers n i need to do it more procrastinating this time..huhu..

forgot to mention frens n i were getting lost for a few times when we went out..luckily, we always had people to be asked..hihi..that's my experience staying all three of them have gone out n left me here with the internet..i'm juz too lazy to go out..haha

Thursday, 2 July 2009

a new me

tomorrow is my big day that will change my entire life..i'm going to be a student in apb faculty in uitm s.alam..english for pro. communication..i don't even know exactly what it is..leave that behind for a while..some of my frens are not going to study with me anymore..i'm very sad..huhuhu..some are going to be teachers in the next 5 years and i hope they would't regret it..well, of coz not!!no one got frusted after getting into maktab..nice,secure job..

however,knowing all my fren for a year in kuantan had really taught me bout many things in our life..about frenship,love,humanity and many more..i think now i'm more mature than before..well,thanx a lot to them..

i hope that we will remain bestfren after this and will always keep in touch no matter what happens..if U all read my blog, keep following bcoz u'll know more bout me..i hope u will success n no more sad stories in ur life k..don't make same mistake like we did in wrong frens,wrong attitude in study and wrong choice in choosing TESL foundation..please pray for me n for our happiness in d future..may Allah will always bless u..thanx for being my frens..

p/s:for besties..u will remain my best buddy..huu

Friday, 8 May 2009

da nk abes!!!

next month i'm not a teslian no more so please stop call me teacher people..pleasee..i don want more teaching in my life...dont know what i'm gonna study in degree programme..hopefully something that i love...language maybe??dont know yet..please pray for mr kay?

Monday, 2 March 2009

sweet 19!!

well, my housemates made me a surprise party for my birthday
few minutes before twelve, they made our house got black out and pretend that it's bcoz of the overload uses of alectric..
then, ecah called me and wished me 'happy birthday', i went out at the balcony to talked with her..
suddenly, fatin called me from the inside of the house telling that she needed my help...
when i came in, they brought a cute, doraemon cake for me..
oh how sweet..i've never had a party with my friends to celebrate my birthday..
but last night maybe was the best night i ever had..they gave me presents and they're very sweet..
i'm really lucky to have them as my housemates...
but the mastermind???was my only roommate..a big thank u to you..celebrating my birthday with u girls..well dats really meaningful..
actually, my mood wasn't good as it should be and pity for the roommate because she was the victim of me...huhu..sorry babe...
hard to give the details of that night as i'm not good in describing things as the backstabber does that we've ever known in kuatan...
simple words=i was very happy and i'm gonna miss you all after all my housemates..

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

my latest xtvt

went home for chinese new year..
1st night at home i knew that my friend betrayed me..
i'm so pissed off with her..
really HATEEE HER!!!!!!!
k..forget bout that lil' damn idiot in my life..
i have a good time with all my family members
but on 28/1 my dad sick..
effect of cigars during his youth time..
1/2 i came back to kuantan but still worried bout my dad's condition...

4/2 i hurtd myself bcoz of that backstabber..
so i need to get treatment in sg. isak(don't really knoe the spelling..huhuhu)
and from en.murad(staff of uitm)
but still it's not in good way
so, today i'm going to my hometown..
24 hours exactly..

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

still want it!!!


it's been few months i dreamt of an ngage classic and last night i had the same dream again..

i've been searching for a good ngage months ago..

and i always think 'bout it even if i am in my class..

don't know what to do now..

hope i'll get it one day..

my MUET result would come out this Thursday..

i wish that i could get band 4 at least..

so that i wouldn't have to re-seat it..

Saturday, 3 January 2009

new year, new sem, new hope

hopefully this new year will bring much progress in my life..starting with my study and also with my surrounding..i don't want all the things happened in the past be my obstacles..nothing much to write..just want to wish good luck to all of you out there..may your life be blessed..


SORRY!!!i didn't mean to make hurt your acer..really hope you could forgive me..pleasee..