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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

what the ****????

hahahaha......chelsea managed to defeat malaysia 2-0....what had happened to malaysia player??or they were giving a chance for chelsea to win the match???what an excuse is that?!!if malaysia was giving a chance juz giv them ONE GOAL only..there's no need to giv them too much goals..however,i think malaysia was trying their best but they didn't have the luck...well malaysia was repeating the history when they had lost to manchester united a few years back..whatever it is,that was a big shame for malaysia because as i remembered malaysia team always had lost to the opponents eventhough they were playing in our country!!well that's it for now..i have to go to celebrate chelsea winnings..huhuhu..juz joking ya..i'm still malaysian so of course i will support malaysia no matter whatever it takes..actually i really frusted with the malaysia team but it's okay..hopefully they can do better next time..

kenangan terindah

this is a video i made during the last 6 month break before i entered is about my motivational camp in Terengganu with all of my bestfriends..we all were very happy with the camp because it is full of unforgettable memories..please take a look at it ya..

Monday, 28 July 2008


love is very hard to explain..only those who have experience it can feel how warm the love is..for instance my sister..she was a real player last time but it all changed after she met a guy who is just normal to me..luckily i think that he has no special or else i think my sister and i would have a fight for nothing juz because of this northern guy..
my sis used to play with somebody's heart but i'm grateful because she had changed now..did she had a heart broke before this??i'm not pretty sure about that..i hope no...

that is an example of love story..a very short love story..some people do not have this kind of love..some of them are finding their true love which will last forever..i want to write more about love but now i don't have the idea..maybe i'll write more about love later on..

long time no write

hi!!it's near a month i've been here..i mean in uitm kuantan..i'm getting more buzy right now with all d heavy assignment but i really love to procrastinate..i know that it's not good for my education health but i still can't avoid it..

well about d love's been in my consideration is can be love to parents, frens or maybe to your loved ones..for me to write about loved towards the loved ones??do wait until i got my love ya..but i still can write if there's request as i have some experiences in settling down my friends' love problems..huhuhu.sometimes i wonder how can i solve their loves problems..hihihi..

Saturday, 19 July 2008

my 3rd week as a U student

well, my life is full of colours here. black, white, yellow,blue,.. it's easy for me to say that i have all d colours now. sometimes i feel very bored. i guess that i'd something to do right now.i need to do a lot of journals regarding my life and all current if anyone out there could help me with d current issues, please tell me what issues should i write..

Friday, 18 July 2008

my dream car!!

well this is my dream car..i started having interest on this car was when i got to know a little bit about sport i really can't live without thinking about this car for even one day..i juz hope that i can manage to own one of this car..and now i m searching for a Skyline GT-R..

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

my first writing


this is my first i'm proud to say that i'm one of the UiTM students..
Being university students really make me think twice before doing anything..