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Sunday, 31 August 2008

after a long break!!

urmmm..what should i write yeah? i don't know either because there's too much things had happened in my life these few much trouble and as work..

assignments,merdeka celebration's day and friends??nevertheless i managed to handle all of them even if not as wise as other people because i did have tense in those weeks..

i had sleep disturbances, two killing presentations and a drama which are not worse but still have a lot of weaknesses..

presentations sucks!!really hate made myself look stupid..and it really did!!..merdeka??my heart is not merdeka yet..too many things are in my mind now..i can't think about any of it now!!hope there's someone out there could help me..

this morning i had to deliver a speech so i chose "car and chess"..thinking i can share something i interested with my friends, i speak nonsense in front of my classmates and i thought that was the stupid thing i'd done in my life..that's terrible for me..really sucks!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


yes my hamsters aren't my soulmate because we differ in species..but i can't tell u how sad i was at that time...well..this is the mid-sem break now..i'm juz spending my whole week at home and try to finish all my assignments..well that's all..i'm to tired now..

Thursday, 14 August 2008

holiday??? OR mourning???

waa i feel so great because it's time for me to go back to my hometown this evening...i missed my home so much..but sadly to say that both my hamsters are 'gone'.they died this week..and it really affected myself..i can't study properly until one of my classmates recognized it..she asked me "why u seem so stress?but how can i admit it??so i juz say "no la"..but deep inside my heart i really felt the sadness..i love my hamsters so's been a few days they left me but i still can't forget them..i wonder what would i do when i at home..alone..because i usually spend my time with my hamsters....some says i'm just wasting my time but no one could understand what i's like you lost somene you really love..but actually more than that...more to soulmate perhaps?? i'm not sure either..i only know that they will always be in my heart..ALIVE!!

Monday, 11 August 2008

finally i met him

i went to mega yesterday..guess who i found??qirann..i was very surprised to meet first, i'm not sure whether it's him or i called my sis and she confirmed that that guy the qirann that i eager to meet..qirann is the northen guy that i told you in the older post entitled "love"..he's totally out of my imagination..and so he is differ in his pic..but i still recognize we had a little chat..juz for the ice-breaking...moreover, he was rushing because he need to go to send the tourists he brought to kuantan as he is the tourist guide..
so that all i can think of him now..besides, i need to go..i need to study for my test tomorrow..juz wish me best of luck k..

futsal futsal futsal!!!

waaa it's a chaotic day...everyone was very excited playing futsal..including first, i wasn't that excited but after my team,7Eleven won a match i started to feel the excitement..we beat our opponents 2-0..i scored one..well everything was going smooth although all of us got hurt..that's my team picture..
we finally made it to semi-final..i'm very proud because my team was the only teslian group who managed to go that semi-final, we had to beat the champion for two sems consecutively..
wanna know their secrets of success?first, they recite the 'doa' before the match...alhamdulillah..but then, when they were in the field they played horrible!!so we played just like them so that they will feel what we felt during the match against them..guess what??they cannot stand with us and they shouted to us just like they were........!oh god..i hope U could tell them how "nice" they played..they were all good actors..
if they are really good in futsal,how come they can't score even one goal in two penalties given to them???...
they grabbed our shirts, hold my hand so that i can't shoot, and they made us felt..luckily they are all my seniors so i still respect them..but not really during the match..however, i still respect them and i wish they will remain champions a futsal player i'm not sure whether i still respect them or not but as a student, yes i do respect them..
we lost 0-1 to them..i don't mind that because they not played least they know that we're not like the other juniors who got defeated by them 0-3,0-5..'
lastly, i would like to apologize to all the seniors out there for my rudeness..but if i don't write these out, maybe they wouldn't realize there were some people who really ruined the seniors' name..juz like the Malay says "kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga"..
well i'm really sorry for this..hope you guys could forgive me..

Saturday, 9 August 2008

campus day out!!'s very hectic la today..everyone was very buzy with their own business..except for me..i only went there and spent my whole day eating eating and was very boring for me because i had nothing to do...
oh dr.j is actually my lecturer..he is a funny man..luckily he is funny or else i will sleep during his lecture because he teach me malaysian studies which is very boring to me...

Thursday, 7 August 2008

teslian seniors... all those teslian seniors out there who had juz finished their foundation in tesl..i hope that you guys won't give up easily..i was very sad as i heard your really make me think deeply about where i'm gonna b after i finish foundation in tesl..i can't imagine if i had to further my study in any other courses in which it does not relate to what i'm learning now such as culinary and business management..that's totally unfair!'s not logic if we need to take any other courses than B.Ed TESL as our degree program if we are actually fulfill the conditions needed..

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


aduhhh!!!!!my arm hurts..i don't know for sure the reason but it really disturb my sleep last night...i never got sleep disturbance before..i think that my arm experienced "tersalah urat" now..s***!!!!i can't do things well because it happens on my right arm..i still can write but it does hurt me...either i go home this weekend to get the treatment or i'll just be patient waiting for the mid-sem break to get the treatment in my's not that i don't want to get any treatment here but my friend just told me that there is no village treatment here...

in order to reduce the hurt that's eating my arm now i better bandage my arm with my handkerchief..or maybe put some oil treatment...pity me huh..

well talking about "mengurut" i have some experienced about it..since i'm in form 2 almost every weekend i'd to go to the tukang urut's house to get the treatment bcoz my bones are very sensitive..until one day the tukang urut asked me not to do any heavy works which can effect my bones.

2 weeks more before mid-sem break

hahaha....this is the time when all of students waiting for...haa thanx for all d comments sent..i really appreciated those comments.they gave me more ideas to write but now la..i want to correct my mistake about my sister's love story.. well she actually had a heart broke in her past time..i don't remember the date exactly but she really did. that heart broke had caused her lots of problems..i guess..however, it was the past..thank god she's alright now..or else i can't think what will she do to release her stress..i'm sure all of you know are effects for having heart broken right??..that's all i can write for now...all my fingers are getting to freeze because the air-cond here are making me feel like i'm in winter now..

Monday, 4 August 2008

jomheboh in kuantan

heboh k?? it's juz an ordinary thing for me.. it's not really 'heboh'.well i'm not going to talk about it bcoz i don't think it is important..what's more important for me now is the concern of where are the teslian students will go after they finished the foundation in TESL..whether they can further their studies in B. Ed TESL or go into the courses which are not related to english???well that's the major question keep playing in almost all the teslian students..however i hope that DR.J could do something for us..he is our hero.. thank you soo muucchhhh Dr.J..we all owe you..