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Monday, 2 March 2009

sweet 19!!

well, my housemates made me a surprise party for my birthday
few minutes before twelve, they made our house got black out and pretend that it's bcoz of the overload uses of alectric..
then, ecah called me and wished me 'happy birthday', i went out at the balcony to talked with her..
suddenly, fatin called me from the inside of the house telling that she needed my help...
when i came in, they brought a cute, doraemon cake for me..
oh how sweet..i've never had a party with my friends to celebrate my birthday..
but last night maybe was the best night i ever had..they gave me presents and they're very sweet..
i'm really lucky to have them as my housemates...
but the mastermind???was my only roommate..a big thank u to you..celebrating my birthday with u girls..well dats really meaningful..
actually, my mood wasn't good as it should be and pity for the roommate because she was the victim of me...huhu..sorry babe...
hard to give the details of that night as i'm not good in describing things as the backstabber does that we've ever known in kuatan...
simple words=i was very happy and i'm gonna miss you all after all my housemates..