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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

worst day in life?

ummi i could feel that i won't get band 4 in muet test bcoz i didn't do well in the speaking component!!don't know how to mind's blurred now..
at first it was all smooth but then when i opened my mouth to give out my point, the invigilators stopped me and she said that i was out of points..m tryin to b calm but when my 2 minutes time is over i feel like i was damn stupid person..making myself as fool as d donkey in front of my friends n d invigilators..that's d worst thing i'd done in my life..then one of d invigilator told me to do well in d 2nd task, that was d group discussion session..
in d 2nd task, i tried to do my best so that i could gain more marks to cover my 1st task..but then again i felt terrible when i had to use Robert T. Kiyosaki as d example..just imagine what were my friends' reactions when i mentioned Robert's name??they're all got blurred and they must think that i did it with purpose..but d truth is..i had to mentioned his name because the invigilators need example in our matter what i really thankful to my bro because if he didn't asked me to read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", i don't think i'll do foundation in TESL right now..the book did helped me a lot..thanks Robert..

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

exam week!!!

yo!3 more papers to go before holiday starts...including muet?it'll be 7 papers i guess..really can't do anything bout it..i don't feel sleepy even now it's very late..2.30 am for students who have two papers tomorrow..doing nothing but blogging?!juz wasting time right??..
to my nieces and nephews..i really miss all of u especially qistina..m not bias but because i took care of her since she was a i feel like she's like my sister to me..i do want a sister but there's nothing my parents could do now..huhuhu..i really can't wait to meet qis..feeling like want to fly home for even a second with her..i will..