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Friday, 5 November 2010

assignments review...

after lots of assignments, exams and conflicts are done..there is only one thing to enjoy..that is FREEDOM!!haha..did i tell that i need to do a multimedia interactive package (MIP) for our final group project and design my own magazine cover???i guess not since i got really busy with all those stuffs..hehe..however, now i will show you my magazine cover and and also few of screenshot from my MIP or should i just say a GAME??hehe but first i will tell you that our MIP is about designing an multimedia interactive package for our junior from semester one whom will be learning description of English using tree diagrams. this MIP is intended to help them in obtaining further understanding about English. this MIP project is for our e-language development course which the invention of the MIP requires much time..and finally we did it!!

this is my magazine business woman soon..hehe

well this is our main menu friend, lily who drew this picture and together we coloured it..nice isn't it??

this is the page where students can choose which one to learn first:liking verb or preposition...

this is the lesson page...

this is the exercise page..

last but not least is the special guest:Prince of Persia!!

p/s:thanks to everyone who have involved in these assignments including those who are accidently involved..thanks for helping..;)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Flash Airlines

My second assessment for Professional Communication was to hold a mock meeting and it was actually a roleplay whereby all of us need to form our own company in making this task, my group had chose to own an airline company and we named it FLASH AIRLINES and i was the CEO of the company..we had one week to prepare before the assessment time. after one week of strive, we finally ready for the mock meeting assessment and these are some of the pictures of it..
these are our namecards..huhu..mine is slightly bigger than the others because of the printing problem..huhu

that's me with all my dedicated employees..hahah..

this is my only male employee and he is also the biggest member..chill yer nabil..huhu

me with my company's logo

me in my office..hahaha

really glad the assessment was a great job..all of us really got a lot done on that day..i wish one day i really could this things happen..huhu

Saturday, 7 August 2010


why must we all suffering from it???cant it be something that we can kill or throw it all away from our life like we use to throw garbage in the bin???yes in some ways it can educate us to be more alert in dealing with things in our life but how we gone through it is absolutely pain that cannot be healed with injection or painkillers..well if it can be healed that simple, there will be no suicide in anymore and of course all the psychiatrists will have no job. some people face it with lots n lots of patient while there are some people let all the pain she feels on someone else, or maybe goes for a long vacation(i mean enjoy herself with friends and at the same time break someone else's feelings) and does not ignore any advice even from the one that she loved..some people cannot deal with this misery and gone a bit of wild..taking unnecessary pills..

some have to suffer from it for days, weeks or maybe i know why experience is more than priceless and best teacher..and what u have gone through will not be is the feeling that i hate the most because it is the reason for other problems to appear later in my life..because of misery you can be angry, moody, and sometime you cannot think like you used to..what had made us today is the past and what happens today will change us to be a different person tomorrow..and one of the thing that can change us is misery..

Saturday, 24 July 2010

in search of mood

boring weekend..nothing to do..missing someone who isn't here..

Saturday, 19 June 2010

"A friend"

had been long time since our last conversation..maybe i was in form 4 at that time..i like talking to her because
of her energetic way of talking sometimes can make me feel funny..we also has some things in common
but also we can argue for just about things that are so simple that we can just actually agree..
we met just about a year before we walked on our deifferent path, but we were really closed..
it's like we knew each other for a long time and honestly i like her way in viewing some things in this life..
but all those things were in the past three years..she never contacted me after she went to upsi
until last december she finally text me and acting like there's nothing wrong in our we always
go out together and share everything..but now we've met each other and i really hope that
we'll be like we used to be..close and happy..

p/s: please don't cheat

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


since over last week i had this kind pain in my made me hard to, i on tuesday noon i went the pusat kesihatan to be checked..i thought the doctor will just giv me a medicine or somethin like that..however, instead of giving medicine, she asked me to go n hav an x-ray to find out what is the causes for the i went to hav an x-ray..this is the place where i need to sit to get it done

dats where i have to sit down..

as i got the x-ray i need to giv it to the doctor so she could explain what's happening to me..i guess that there's must somethin bad but the doctor just say it was nothing..d x-ray showed nothing weird n maybe its just d muscles got she gave me painkillers which i didn't touch it and also a medicine to put on my will reduce my swollen knee muscles..

but today at noon, when i was at the toilet in my faculty, suddenly, i felt a bit relief bcoz my knee doesn't hurt as i tried to turn back..i thought maybe its just the nerve got stuck or someting like still it hurts..sometimes..

Thursday, 14 January 2010


staying in kristal..near uitm...
new year=new life..