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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


since over last week i had this kind pain in my made me hard to, i on tuesday noon i went the pusat kesihatan to be checked..i thought the doctor will just giv me a medicine or somethin like that..however, instead of giving medicine, she asked me to go n hav an x-ray to find out what is the causes for the i went to hav an x-ray..this is the place where i need to sit to get it done

dats where i have to sit down..

as i got the x-ray i need to giv it to the doctor so she could explain what's happening to me..i guess that there's must somethin bad but the doctor just say it was nothing..d x-ray showed nothing weird n maybe its just d muscles got she gave me painkillers which i didn't touch it and also a medicine to put on my will reduce my swollen knee muscles..

but today at noon, when i was at the toilet in my faculty, suddenly, i felt a bit relief bcoz my knee doesn't hurt as i tried to turn back..i thought maybe its just the nerve got stuck or someting like still it hurts..sometimes..