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Monday, 26 October 2009


emm i'm going home nxt week!!!yeay!!my first sem is going to the end and it seems that everything is going to be on the right happy i am..i've got a place to stay for next sem n i'm satissfied with the house..kristal babe!!

just one thing..
i don't want to be bothered with any problem that will come into my life coz i know that there is always problems..

my final will start on 28/10-4/11/09..what a great time i'm going to have after that..spending time with family n friends..on 6/11 i'll be leaving for tgg coz i need to pack my stuffs n have a bit of fun with my friends here..huhu

i'm deadly serious about getting a new phone after this..just can't wait for the time to come..hope it'll be true..haha..