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Saturday, 19 June 2010

"A friend"

had been long time since our last conversation..maybe i was in form 4 at that time..i like talking to her because
of her energetic way of talking sometimes can make me feel funny..we also has some things in common
but also we can argue for just about things that are so simple that we can just actually agree..
we met just about a year before we walked on our deifferent path, but we were really closed..
it's like we knew each other for a long time and honestly i like her way in viewing some things in this life..
but all those things were in the past three years..she never contacted me after she went to upsi
until last december she finally text me and acting like there's nothing wrong in our we always
go out together and share everything..but now we've met each other and i really hope that
we'll be like we used to be..close and happy..

p/s: please don't cheat


Eka Yucika said...

sudah lama dia tdk mengupdate blog...akhirnya...igt ke da lupa ada blog


ila said...

huhu..sguh sinis komen anda ye miss yucika..bkn xnk update tpi xde mood nk taip la..maybe lps ni mood tu da ade blk kot..heheheh