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Friday, 27 August 2010

Flash Airlines

My second assessment for Professional Communication was to hold a mock meeting and it was actually a roleplay whereby all of us need to form our own company in making this task, my group had chose to own an airline company and we named it FLASH AIRLINES and i was the CEO of the company..we had one week to prepare before the assessment time. after one week of strive, we finally ready for the mock meeting assessment and these are some of the pictures of it..
these are our namecards..huhu..mine is slightly bigger than the others because of the printing problem..huhu

that's me with all my dedicated employees..hahah..

this is my only male employee and he is also the biggest member..chill yer nabil..huhu

me with my company's logo

me in my office..hahaha

really glad the assessment was a great job..all of us really got a lot done on that day..i wish one day i really could this things happen..huhu


Liana Manan said...

wow Miss CEO... good job :]

ila said...

hehehe..miss CEO has been downgraded to normal worker..hahaha