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Saturday, 7 August 2010


why must we all suffering from it???cant it be something that we can kill or throw it all away from our life like we use to throw garbage in the bin???yes in some ways it can educate us to be more alert in dealing with things in our life but how we gone through it is absolutely pain that cannot be healed with injection or painkillers..well if it can be healed that simple, there will be no suicide in anymore and of course all the psychiatrists will have no job. some people face it with lots n lots of patient while there are some people let all the pain she feels on someone else, or maybe goes for a long vacation(i mean enjoy herself with friends and at the same time break someone else's feelings) and does not ignore any advice even from the one that she loved..some people cannot deal with this misery and gone a bit of wild..taking unnecessary pills..

some have to suffer from it for days, weeks or maybe i know why experience is more than priceless and best teacher..and what u have gone through will not be is the feeling that i hate the most because it is the reason for other problems to appear later in my life..because of misery you can be angry, moody, and sometime you cannot think like you used to..what had made us today is the past and what happens today will change us to be a different person tomorrow..and one of the thing that can change us is misery..

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